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TADL Screen Light Service Terms and Conditions

What is Covered

Repairs to 

  • the equipment that you confirm to us by return of the registration card and a copy of the original purchase invoice for the equipment 
  • for electrical or electronic failure
  • for the period purchased from the end of the manufacturers warranty supplied with the equipment to a maximum of 5 years in total
  • excluding those causes which are not covered as listed below.
  • TADLs’ liability is limited to the amount shown on the original Purchase Invoice.
  • The Service Level is Return to TADL or our nominated repair centre

What is not Covered (Exclusions)

TADL Assist shall not be liable for the cost of

  1. routine maintenance as required by the manufacturer or supplier or where a third party maintenance contract is in place
  2. any repair or labour charges associated with pixel failure
  3. any repair or labour charges associated with the colour filter or glare filter
  4. any costs associated with de-installation and or re-installation
  5. any costs arising as a result of connectivity or compatibility issues
  6. any repair or replacement where parts are no longer available or the manufacturer has ceased trading
  7. repairing or replacement of consumables and limited life elements including but not limited to batteries, lamps, plugs, fuses, wires or cables, software
  8. any repair or replacement completed without the prior authority of TADL Assist
  9. any expenses incurred where no fault is found
  10. compensation for loss of use of the appliance or any other consequential loss
  11. failure or damage as a result of fire, lightning, explosion, flood, rust, corrosion, dampness, radioactivity or sonic boom
  12. the cost of materials and labour charges where the manufacturer or supplier is responsible under the terms of any guarantee or warranty 
  13. use of accessories not approved by the manufacturer
  14. faulty software, configuration, jumper settings or programming 
  15. failure as a result of manufacturing faults, inherent vice, wear and tear or operational error
  16. wilful act or neglect or misuse of the property
  17. failure of the property left unattended in a public place or during the hire or loan of the property to a third party
  18. any additional items in the form of upgrades or additions of any sort
  19. cosmetic damage
  20. loss of data or information stored on the equipment
  21. fraudulent claims


  1. It is a condition of this warranty extension that the completed registration card along with the original purchase invoice of the equipment to be covered be returned to TADL within three months of the original purchase of the new equipment. 
  2. The Customer shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that the property is operated and serviced in accordance with the manufacturers' recommendations and all reasonable precautions to prevent or minimise any loss or damage or Accident involving the Property.
  3. Claims Settlement - TADL may at their option repair reinstate or replace any damaged Property covered by this warranty or pay for the damage in money. Where the Property is in the opinion of TADL beyond economical repair its replacement by Property of equivalent specification or its current market value whichever is the lower. Current market value is the original purchase price as demonstrated by the Purchase Invoice less 2% for depreciation for each complete month since purchase. In the event of replacement of the equipment or a cash settlement being arranged as a result of the property becoming uneconomical to repair the property becomes the property of TADL Assist Ltd who may take possession of this property and dispose of the salvage and this warranty contract ceases. Where the property has been rendered unrepairable due to the non-availability of parts TADL will not consider the property as being beyond economical repair but will refund the fee paid, less any reasonable administration costs incurred.
  4. Cancellation - TADL or the customer may at any time cancel any warranty by sending 30 days notice to the customer at his last known address. Provided that warranty has been paid for in full the customer shall be entitled to a proportionate rebate of the price paid in respect of the unexpired period of warranty.


  1. This service agreement shall be subject to English Law
  2. Purchasing this service agreement does not limit your protection under the Manufacturer’s guarantee nor does it affect your statutory rights

Data Protection

TADL and selected companies acting on our behalf may use your name and address for marketing purposes. If you do not want to receive marketing information please write to the Data Protection Officer at TADL.

Claims Procedure

In the event of a breakdown, simply contact TADL within 30 days and quote the serial number of this warranty, the policy number of this service agreement and the serial number of the property. Please take all necessary steps to minimise further damage - we recommend that the equipment is not used until the fault has been rectified.

Complaints Procedure

In the unlikely event of a dispute occurring under this contract please contact The Manager at TADL Assist Ltd.



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